Sponsors & Partners: CADFEM Ukraine

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Let us introduce you the next our sponsor & partner – CADFEM Ukraine.

CADFEM Ukraine

Company CADFEM Ukraine, LTD. has a foreign participation. CADFEM Ukraine is the leading partner of the American company ANSYS, Inc. NASDAQ: ANSS in Ukraine, authorized distributor, engineering consulting and training center.

Head office of the СADFEM Ukraine located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company employs highly competent professionals and managers.

СADFEM Ukraine is a member of the global engineering and consulting organization TechNetAlliance (www.technet-alliance.com) and is the part of a large European engineering holding.

Our services are related to sales and quality technical support specialized knowledge-based engineering software ANSYS and provide a wide range of consulting services (education customers, the development of engineering techniques and calculations in order, and adaptation of software development, installation and configuration of high-performance computing clusters, creation of engineering data centers , cloud solving engineering problems).

Customers include more than 20 organizations from large holdings to small enterprises, research institutes, universities, SE «Ivchenko-Progress», JSC «Motor Sich», HPNPKH «DAWN» – «Mashproekt» SE «Giprokoks», SE CB «South» SUMSKE NPO of Frunze, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics NAS UKRAINE, National Technical University «KPI», IEE-AES and other organizations.