Sponsors & Partners: SEEN HOLDING Sp. z o.o.

Dear colleagues!

Let us introduce you the next our sponsor & partner – SEEN HOLDING Sp. z o.o.

Siennicka 29, 04-394, Warsaw, Poland

SEEN Holding Group was established in 2007 from several engineering companies which had been on the market for over 60 years. The idea came from the cooperation of the major shareholder and CEO of the company, Rafał Lipiński, and the financial investor from Carlo Tassara Group, known in Poland as the creator of Alior Bank. Their purpose was to create a capital group able to handle complex investments in the sectors of water, sewage and municipal wastewater management, and industrial, process and sanitary installations.

Seen Technologie sp. z o.o.

The company comprehensively executes environmental facilities. For more than twenty years Seen Technologie is active on domestic market, as well as abroad, specializing in: water treatment technologies, waste water treatment technologies, sludge management for municipalities, power plant and industrial companies.

Instal Warszawa S.A.

The company is one of the oldest companies that specialize in construction and installation in Poland. It has been completing various contracts in Poland and abroad for over 60 years now. The company executes complex realizations such as: water and sewage management,waste management,  industrial facilities, pool technologies,  air-conditioning and ventilation,  heating and cooling, process installations.


BPBK is a design office with over 60 years of tradition, extending the scope of the Holding Company’s services to include investment design for environmental protection in its broadest sense. It can boast numerous design references with regard to:  water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, water supply and sewerage systems, industrial water technology.

Seen Holding is the first Polish technology company having:

  • Experience – over 60 years on the market,
  • References – nearly 1500 implementations,
  • An engineering staff – more than 50 engineers,
  • A design office – a team of 40 designers and process engineers,
  • Capital – a share capital amounting to over 50 million PLN.

The intention of the SEEN Holding company is to organize its complementary businesses, so that they can carry out the entire investment process, from the selection of technologies through the development of the necessary documentation, to the execution of facilities, the performance of their start-ups and their operation. The company pays particular attention to the selection of its employees who determine the success of the entire organization.

Seen Holding employs experienced engineers, who during their careers accomplished many investments concerning construction of industrial, wastewater, waste management and public facilities (such as educational and sport centers,office buildings, hotels, and hospitals).

Each company of the group consist of R&D department to meet client’s needs, and with a view to constant development of the group in scope of modern solutions and technology.

The main task of the research team is to develop innovative technologies applicable in industrial construction, environmental engineering and large facilities.

Many of our company’s research facilities received a positive opinion of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the National Centre for Research and Development. Some of our projects obtained additional funding from the Innovative Economy Programme, thanks to innovative character of the proposed solutions.