Sponsors & Partners: Research and Production Enterprise “Technowagy” Ltd.

Dear colleagues!

Let us introduce you the next our sponsor & partner – Research and Production Enterprise “Technowagy” Ltd.

79066, Ukraine, Lviv, Nadiyna Str., 3

Research and Production Enterprise “Technowagy” Ltd. – the only enterprise in Ukraine, which develop and manufacture scales ranging from laboratory balances to the railway scales.

The company was founded in 2002. In 2011 it built its own new modern plant in Lviv, that increased production space to 7000 square meters and allowed to apply modern production technologies and significantly ramp up production capacity. With a staff of highly skilled engineers, designers, programmers (which is a quarter of the entire group), company provides a combination of high quality products and the best prices.

The plant manufactures weighing and dosing equipment, packaging, medical equipment, calibration weights, testing equipment and so on.

Company is supplying not only local weighting system or production equipment, but also combines technological modules in systems and production lines, developing accounting systems of raw materials and finished products.

“Technowagy” Ltd. is the exclusive representative of “Radwag” (Polish manufacturer of weighing equipment) in Ukraine.