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2nd International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: Proceedings. – June 24–28th, 2019, Lviv, Ukraine. – Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2019. – 433 p.

The Proceedings of 2nd International Scientific Conference “Chemical Technology and Engineering” (CTE-2019):

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Computer simulation in the chemical technology and engineering

Particles and lungs – where chemical engineering meets medicine
Sosnowski Tomasz R.
Pages 30 – 35

Justification of dead zone presence in catalyst pellets
Mirosław Szukiewicz, Elżbieta Chmiel-Szukiewicz, Krzysztof Kaczmarski, Adrian Szałek
Pages 36 – 37

Prediction of the biological activity of naphthoquinone N-derivatives on the basis of virtual screening and drug-like characteristics
Nataliia Polish, Nataliia Marintsova, Lesia Zhurakhivska, Volodymyr Novikov, Mykhailo Vovk
Pages 38 – 39

Modeling of intermolecular interactions between epoxyamine grid and hydroxide of metals
Yuliya Danchenko, Elena Barabash, Alexandra Strumskas
Pages 40 – 42

New Processes for Cleaning Gas Emissions from Nitrogen Oxides
Yurii Beznosyk, Liudmyla Bugaeva
Pages 43 – 44

Granulation and drying of fertilizers based on alternative source of phosphorus
Mateusz Przywara, Michał Kołodziej, Wojciech K. Marek, Maksymilian Olbrycht, Maciej Balawejder
Pages 45 – 46

The correlation of experimental results for condensation of steam from its mixture with air in channel of plate heat exchanger based on mathematical modelling
Petro Kapustenko, Leonid Tovazhntanskyy, Olga Arsenyeva, Oleksandr Vasilenko, Sergiy Kusakov
Pages 47 – 48

Molecular modeling using Molecular Dynamics and Coarse-grained models of hydrogel structural and transport properties
Łukasz Radosiński, Roman Havryliv, Piotr Żemojtel, Karolina Labus
Pages 49 – 50

Application of CFD Modeling Techniques to Design and Optimization of Direct-Flow Cyclones
Roman Havryliv, Iryna Kostiv, Volodymyr Maystruk
Pages 51 – 52

Investigation of temperature processes in the process of interaction of technological units and production of products in a machine of bread baking
Nazar Sokil, Mychailo Boiko, Orest Sеrkiz
Pages 53 – 54

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Study of Mixing and Heating Time Prediction for Two-Components Mixture in the Small-Scale Reactor
Roman Havryliv, Iryna Kostiv
Pages 55 – 58

Mathematical modeling of the nonstationary sugar mass crystallization process in the vacuum machine heating tube wall layer
Taras Pohorilyi, Valerii Myronchuk
Pages 59 – 59

Molecular dynamics simulation of Ion Beam Etching as technology process for creating graphene-based membranes
Łukasz Radosiński, Roman Havryliv, Piotr Żemojtel
Pages 60 – 62

Development, energy and resource saving in the chemical and food technologies

Process Stages Energy Efficiency Increasing In High Capacityammonia Production Plants (1360 – 1420 T /Day)
Tovazhnyanskyy L.L., Loboyko O.Y., Ved V.E., Arsenyeva O.P., Perevertaylenko O.Yu.
Pages 64 – 66

Conditions for the formation of cavitation
Zenovii Znak, Yurii Sukhatskii, Olha Zin
Pages 67 – 68

Determination of heat of evaporation of soy-carrot mixture
Zhanna Petrova, Natalia Dmytrenko, Kateryna Slobodianiuk
Pages 69 – 70

Optimization of the composition of without clinker composite gypsum-lime binder
Bohdan Chekanskyi, Iryna Lutsyuk
Pages 71 – 71

Foam layered apparatus with foam stabilization
Liaposhchenko А., Khukhryanskiy О., Moiseev V., Manoilo Е.
Pages 72 – 73

UV curable cross-linked polymer and polymer-inorganic materials for fuel cell application
Mariia Zhyhailo, Khrystyna Rymsha, Iryna Yevchuk, Oksana Demchyna, Victoria Kochubei
Pages 74 – 75

Synthesis of Styrene and Cyclopentadiene (Co)oligomers on the Basis of Fraction C9 of Oil Refining By-products
Roman Subtelnyi, Oksana Orobchuk, Bohdan Dzinyak
Pages 77 – 78

Operational, constructive and hydrodynamic parameters of foam devices
Moiseev V., Manoilo E., Ponomareva N., Repko K., Davydov D.
Pages 79 – 80

Technological aspects of obtaining dried pectin-containing products
Raisa Shapar, Olena Husarova
Pages 81 – 82

Theoretical analysis of the energy efficiency of the filtration drying at the high pressure
Volodymyr Potapov, Oleh Hrytsenko
Pages 83 – 86

Obtaining and properties of active charcoal from pyrolized wood waste
Anton Kuzmin, Oleg Kuzmin, Tetyana Shendrik
Pages 87 – 89

Secondary plant material is the rational alternative in veterinary medicine
Inessa Pavliuk
Pages 90 – 91

Ratio between Heat and Mass Transfer when Concentrating the Solution in a Cooling Tower
Musii Tseitlin, Valentina Raiko
Pages 92 – 95

The influence of the bulk density of the coal blend on the gross calorific value of blast furnace coke
Denis Miroshnichenko, Igor Miroshnichenko
Pages 96 – 97

Research in low-temperature heat pump drying
Natalia Dabizha, Yurii Sniezhkin, Djamal Chalaev, Nataliia Malashchuk
Pages 98 – 99

The sunflower seeds oil extraction: the mechanism and kinetics of the process
Oksana Dobrovetska, Yevgen Semenyshyn, Roman Stadnyk, Volodymyr Atamanyuk, Oleksandr Ivashchuk
Pages 100 – 101

Effect of Support Nature on the Efficiency of B–P–V–W–Ox Catalysts of Acrylic Acid Synthesis with Aldol Condensation of Acetic Acid with Formaldehyde
Roman Nebesnyi, Iryna Kubitska, Oksana Orobchuk, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Volodymyr Sydorchuk, Svitlana Khalameida
Pages 102 – 104

Diffusive Transfer During Filtration Drying of Sunflower Stalks
Diana Kindzera, Volodymyr Atamanyuk, Roman Hosovkyi
Pages 105 – 108

Investigation of oxygen chemisorption during regeneration of a quinhydrone absorbing solution in continuous barbotage layer absorbers
Аndriy Slyuzar, Zenoviy Znak, Yaroslav Kalymon, Andriy Helesh
Pages 109 – 111

Obtaining Modified Bitumen Rubber Crumb for Cold-Rolled Roofing Materials
Andriy Nagurskyy, Oleg Grynyshyn, Yuriy Khlibyshyn, Taras Chervinskyy, Bohdan Korchak
Pages 112 – 114

Investigation of the condition of non-stationary process during the dissolution of a set layer of granular material
Oksana Liuta, Dmytro Simak
Pages 115 – 116

Continuous Improvement in Education of Chemical Engineers and Researchers in the United States
Taras Yurkiv
Pages 117 – 123

Filtration Drying of Cotton
D.J Janabayev, V.M. Atamanyuk, A.E. Khussanov, Z.Ya. Gnativ, B.M. Kaldybaeva
Pages 124 – 125

The innovative technologies in the chemical and food industries

The estimation of concentration polarization layer resistance during salt solutions reverse osmosis
Serhii Huliienko, Olha Protsiuk
Pages 128 – 127

The hydraulic resistance in the small-scale pillow-plate heat exchangers
Olga Arsenyeva
Pages 129 – 130

Prospects for implementing the principles of innovation policy in Ukraine
Vladyslav Bendiuh, Bohdana Komarysta
Pages 131 – 132

The Investigation of Hydrogels Composite Filling by Gelatin
Maksym Chobit, Yuriy Panchenko, Victor Vasylyev
Pages 133 – 134

Perspectives of Use a New Generation Granulated Organic-Mineral Fertilizers
Yaroslav Hotskiy, Andrii Stepaniuk
Pages 135 – 137

Synthesis of catalysts based on magnetic particles CoFe2O4
Olena Makido, Galyna Khovanets, Oksana Khavunko
Pages 138 – 141

Intensification of the mass transfer processes in the system “solid-liquid” by use of inert gas
Jaroslaw Gumnitsky, Volodymyr Atamaniuk, Vira Sabadash, Liubov Venger
Pages 142 – 142

Synthesis of acrylic acid and its esters with Se-containing catalysts
Tetiana Kharandiuk, Kok Hui Tan, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Roman Nebesnyi, Andrij Pich
Pages 143 – 144

Technological aspects of the production of functionalized hydrocarbon oligomers
Dariya Kichura
Pages 145 – 146

Quantitative determination of substances that determine the aroma of the extract of a bay leaf
Victoria Evlach, Volodymyr Potapov, Inna Piliugina, Dmytro Bilyi
Pages 147 – 149

Method of Obtaining Malt Extracts
Viktoriia Khrystenko, Valentyn Chornyi, Taras Mysiura, Nataliia Popova, Volodymyr Zavialov
Pages 150 – 152

Deep Eutectic Solvent Reline − Highly Efficient Electrolyte For Stainless Steel Electropolishing
Anna Kityk, Natalia Bannyk, Olena Kun
Pages 153 – 156

Application of immobilized yeast cells in fermentation of sugar-based raw materials for the production of bioethanol
Olga Koval, Serhiy Oliynichuk, Taras Lysak
Pages 157 – 158

Polylactide Composites with Finely Divided Fillers
Khrystyna Kysil, Andrii Masyuk, Volodymyr Skorokhoda, Levko Bilyi
Pages 159 – 159

Innovative method and installation for heating and melting bases for the production of suppositories
Oleksii Shmatok, Olesya Stepanova, Rostislav Bazeev
Pages 160 – 163

Analytical and Experimental Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Electrodynamic Apparatuses
Oleg Burdo, Pavel Svetlichnyj, Vsevolod Mordynskiy, Ilya Sirotyuk
Pages 164 – 166

Thermodynamics of ortophosphoric acid adsorption under static conditions
Vira Sabadash, Jaroslaw Gumnitsky
Pages 167 – 169

Development of Energy-Efficient Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for Use in Geothermal Heating Systems
Djamal Chalaev, Alex Shmatok, Tatyana Grabova, Nina Silnyagina
Pages 170 – 172

The effect of ultrasound on the polymerization of methacrylic esters compositions with polyvinylpyrrolidone and mineral fillers
Volodymyr Skorokhoda, Galyna Dudok, Iryna Dziaman, Taras Skorokhoda
Pages 173 – 174

Energy Effective Equipment for Polyextracts Producing
Oleg Burdo, Aleksandr Gavrilov, Evgen Pylypenko, Ilya Sirotyuk, Aleksandr Sereda
Pages 175 – 177

Corrosion Resistant Two-Layer Glass-Ceramic Coating
Marta Kuznetsova, Iryna Lutsyuk
Pages 178 – 178

Forced modulation of operating conditions in chromatographic separation: potential and pitfalls
Dorota Antos, Wojciech Piątkowski
Pages 179 – 179

The metallized polyethylene granules as the basis for creating of thermal energy storage system
Volodymyr Moravskyi, Anastasiya Kucherenko, Marta Kuznetsova, Ludmila Dulebova
Pages 180 – 180

Bacterial cell disruption by process of hydrodynamic cavitation. Mechanisms and application
Anna Nedbailo, Georgiy Ivanitsky
Pages 181 – 185

Influence of the shear flow rate on the effect of water purification during the process of its deferrization in a rotor-pulsating apparatus
Oleksandr Obodovych, Nataliia Husiatynska, Vitalii Sydorenko
Pages 186 – 188

Enzyme Complexes for Preparation of Spelt Wort in Alcohol Production
Liubov Palianytsia, Natalia Berezovska, Zorian Pikh
Pages 189 – 190

Microwave Vacuum Extraction for Rosehips Polyextracts
Levtrynska Yuliya, Terziev Sergey, Golinskaya Yana
Pages 191 – 194

Studying on Liquid Phase Cyclohexane Oxidation Enhanced by Oxalic Acid: Pertinent Response by Long-Lasting Challenge
Alexander Pokutsa, Andriy Zaborovskyi, Dariya Maksym, Pawel Bloniarz, Jacques Мuzart
Pages 195 – 197

Solubilization of Bifonazole in the Presence of Carboxymethylated-β- Cyclodextrin
Sеrgii Riabov, Larisa Kobrina, Sеrgii Sinelnikov, Daria Bandurina, Oleg Moskalenko
Pages 198 – 200

Synthesis and properties of glass R2O-SiO2-Nb2O5
Yaroslav Vakhula, Iryna Tupis
Pages 201 – 201

Modeling of the Saturation Reactor in the Production of Pumpkin Candied Fruits
Iryna Huzova, Volodymyr Atamanyuk
Pages 202 – 204

Granulation Characteristics Study of Silicate Mass Charge Mixtures
Roman Semegen
Pages 205 – 206

Investigation the kinetics of the process of destruction organic contaminations wastewater production margarine
Ulyana Vashkurak, Liliya Shevchuk
Pages 207 – 209

Structure and antimicrobic properties of nanocomposites based on anionic β­cyclodextrin, chitosan and silver nanoparticles
V. Demchenko, S. Riabov1, S.Sinelnikov, O. Radchenko, N. Rybalchenko
Pages 210 – 211

The formation of composite film hydrogel membranes with polyamide layer
G.V. Yaculchak, N.M. Baran, Yu.Ya. Melnyk, O.М. Grytsenko, N.V Chopyk
Pages 212 – 213

Vibro-Activeted Lime as a Regulator of Concrete Hardening
Andrii Zahrai, Zenon Borovets
Pages 214 – 214

Tempered Glass Obtained by Water Cooling
Taras Zheplynskyi, Oksana Bulych
Pages 215 – 217

Formation of nanostructured copper electrodes for the conversion of carbon (IV) oxide
Galyna Zozulia, Orest Kuntyi, Ivanna Mertsalo, Маryana Shepida, Tetyana Konda
Pages 218 – 219

Depth of Application of a Microgranule for Precision Sowing on the Controlled Release of Nutrients, and the Growth of Maize Plants in the Initial Stage of Development
Natalia Matłok, Jozef Gorzelany, Piotr Antos, Maciej Balawejder
Pages 220 – 221

Use of Ultrasound in Rape Oil Extraction Process
Yurii Hrynchuk, Volodymyr Reutskyy, Pavlo Matsipura
Pages 222 – 222

Research of properties of raw cotton –as the object of drying
Alisher Khussanov, Volodymyr Atamanyuk, Dauren Janabayev, Batogos Kaldybaeva
Pages 223 – 224

Optimization of biochemical processes and bioengineering

The effect of short-term exposure of esters of thiosulfoacid on the phospholipids spectrum of hepatocytes
Anna Nakonechna, Andriy Pylypets, Viktoriya Havryliak, Volodymyr Novikov, Vira Lubenets
Pages 226 – 226

Changes in plant material when drying according to IR spectroscopy
Natalija Dmytrenko, Sergiy Vdovenko
Pages 227 – 228

Hydrogel films of membrane type for biomedical application on the basis of polyvinylpyrrolidone copolymers
Yuriy Melnyk, Galyna Yatsulchak, Sofiia Suberliak, Romana Petrina, Volodymyr Skorokhoda
Pages 229 – 231

Research of the rheological properties of the gel based on sodium alginate for the local treatment of burns
Bohdana Vons, Yuriy Melnyk, Volodymyr Skorokhoda, Taras Grochovuy, Marjana Сhubka
Pages 232 – 234

Nigella Damascena As An Object Of Biotechnological Research
Y. Kolb, R. Konechna, O. Yaremkevich, A. Milyanich, V. Novikov
Pages 235 – 236

Synthesis of composites filled with modified hydroxyapatite and study of their mechanical properties
Kalin D.O., Chobit M.R., Tokarev V.S.
Pages 237 – 238

Green chemistry

Ionic liquids – application driven synthesis in green chemistry
Anna Chrobok
Pages 240 – 242

Researching of secondary metabolites of Adonis vernalis
V.R. Hamada, R.T. Konechna, A.S. Krvavych, V.P. Novikov, S.R. Mykytiuk
Pages 243 – 244

Epoxy Composites Based On Cyclic Carbonates Of Vegetable Oils
Hudzenko N.V., Filippovich A.Yu., Grishchenko V.K. Barantsova A.V., Busko N.A.
Pages 245 – 246

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of novel 3-substituted 1-(2-methyl-5-nitrophenyl)-5-oxopyrrolidine derivatives
Benas Balandis, Kazimieras Anusevičius, Vytautas Mickevičius, Maryna Stasevych, Volodymyr Novikov
Pages 247 – 248

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel 2,4-disubstituted thiazoles
Birutė Grybaitė, Rita Vaickelionienė, Vytautas Mickevičius, Viktor Zvarych, Volodymyr Novikov
Pages 249 – 250

Chromatographic studies of extractant residues in the chemical technology of carotenoid production
Volodymyr Gerasimenko, Svitlana Lysytska
Pages 251 – 254

Polyurethane foams with reduced flammability based on oligoetherols synthesized from 1,3-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)uracil, boric acid and ethylene carbonate
Elżbieta Chmiel-Szukiewicz
Pages 255 – 256

Properties of biodegradable films based on thermoplastic starch and poly(butylene succinate) with plant oil additives
Piotr Tynski, Justyna Ostrowska, Magdalena Paluch, Waldemar Sadurski
Pages 257 – 261

Efficient Synthesis of Conjugated 1,2,4-Triazole Derivatives under Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions in the Presence of Ionic Liquids
Agnieszka Kudelko, Monika Olesiejuk
Pages 262 – 264

Influence of composition (Pd) In-, Co-containing aluminia- and zirconia-based catalysts on simultaneous reduction of nitrogen(I, II) oxides by CO
T.M. Boichuk, S.M. Orlyk
Pages 265 – 266

Immobilized catalysts in synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2
Agnieszka Siewniak
Pages 267 – 268

Ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide as solvents for NHPI-catalysed oxidation reactions
Beata Orlińska, Gabriela Dobras, Dawid Lisicki
Pages 269 – 270

Green method for the synthesis of crotonolactone and its thiosulfonate derivatives
Nataliya Monka, Anna Nakonechna, Viktor Zvarych, Volodymyr Novikov, Vira Lubenets
Pages 271 – 273

Alternative and non-conventional energy sources

Biomasa one of the most effective types of fuel for the production of warmth
Yurii Sniezhkin
Pages 275 – 276

Properties of gasoline with additives of combustion activators
Viktoriia Ribun, Sergiy Kurta, Mariia Penhryn
Pages 277 – 277

Nonwaste technology of receipt of humic fertilizers from peat
Zhanna Petrova, Vitalii Vyshnevskyi, Yuliia Novikova
Pages 278 – 279

Optimization of Chemical Deposition of HgSe films
Martyn Sozanskyi, Vitalii Stadnik, Pavlo Shapoval, Marta Laruk, Yosyp Yatchyshyn
Pages 280 – 281

Thermal decomposition of thermally treated granulated wood
Viacheslav Mykhailyk, Tetiana Korinchevska, Dmytro Korinchuk, Valerii Dakhnenko
Pages 282 – 284

Operating Modes of the Advanced Purification Technology for Graphite Application in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Serhii Fedorov, Artem Sybir, Simon Hubinskyi, Lina Kieush, Andrii Koveria
Pages 285 – 287

Catalytic influence of native minerals on thermochemical conversion of salty coals
Anton Fateyev, Tetyana Shendrik
Pages 288 – 290

Current Status Of Municipal Solid Waste Management In Ukraine
Liydmyla Haponych, Iryna Golenko, Alexander Topal
Pages 291 – 298

Mathematical modeling of the dynamics of heat and mass transfer, phase transformations and thermal decomposition at high temperature drying of biomass
Natalia Sorokova, Dmytro Korinchuk
Pages 299 – 302

Coupling phytoremediation and biofuel production by using sea buckthorn
Lesya Shevchyk, Olga Romaniuk
Pages 303 – 304

Synthesis and investigation of dispersed metal oxide-graphene photoelectrode material
S.V. Shulga, N.V.Sigareva, N.М. Мoshkivska
Pages 305 – 305

Improvements That are Applicable in the Automation System to Increase CH4 Ratio in Co-Fermentation Plants
Mustafa Karagöz, Burak Çiftçi, Nuri Tunç, Emrah Deniz
Pages 306 – 310

Microhardness of the amorphous and nanostructured alloys system Al87 (Y, Gd)5Ni8 as electrodes for hydrogen evolution
Khrystyna Khrushchyk, Mariia Lopachak, Tetiana Hula, Lidiya Boichyshyn
Pages 311 – 316

Ecology and sustainable development. Environmental protection

Exposure to Selected Air Pollutants in the Grilling Process
Artur J Badyda, Wioletta Rogula-Kozłowska, Grzegorz Majewski, Przemysław Oberbek, Kamila Widziewicz, Izabela Jureczko, Mariusz Rogulski
Pages 318 – 320

Impact of physico-chemical properties of transition metal oxide based TiO2 catalysts on the low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3
Wolodymyr Suprun, Michael Liebau, Roger Gläser
Pages 321 – 322

Research on the shaping process of PKR-2 catalyst for a high-temperature N2O decomposition with using capillary rheometry
M. Ruszak, M. Inger, M. Saramok, P. Wiercioch, M. Wilk
Pages 323 – 326

The influence of the operating conditions in ammonia burner on the effectiveness of the catalyst for a nitrous oxide decomposition
Marek Inger, Monika Ruszak, Jakub Rajewski, Wiesław Próchniak, Marcin Wilk
Pages 327 – 329

Application of UV, H2O2 , H2O2/UV, Fe(II)/H2O2 and Fe(II)/H2O2/UV process for oxidation of organic compounds in printed circuit boards wastewater
Maciej Thomas, Krzysztof Barbusinski, Barbara Bialecka
Pages 330 – 331

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on synthesized zeolites
Roman Petrus, Jolanta Warchoł, Waldemar Prokop, Magdalena Warzybok
Pages 332 – 333

N,N-dibutyl lauramide as new alternative plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride
Sergiy Rogalsky, Tetiana Cherniavska, Oleg Dzuzha, Oksana Tarasyuk, Olesya Aksenovska
Pages 334 – 335

Method of alkaline destruction as the way to stop methanogenic effluent’s gasification
Roman Tarasenko, Lydmila Starzhinsca, Yevhenii Poluncin, Yevhenii Shapovalov
Pages 336 – 337

Mass transport of micro- and macro-molecule compounds of phosphorous base fertilizer fortified with protein in soil matrix
Maksymilian Olbrycht, Wojciech Marek, Maciej Balawejder, Wojciech Piątkowski, Dorota Antos
Pages 338 – 339

Using the Modern Software for Life Cycle Assessment in the Preparation of an Engineer in Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
Iryna Dzhygyrey
Pages 340 – 341

Disinfection of sewage from municipal wastewater treatment plants of Lviv
Olena Popovych, Nataliya Vronska, Ivan Tymchuk
Pages 342 – 344

Influence of nitrogen oxides on the process of absorption of greenhouse gases by chlorophyll-synthesizing microalgae
Vasil Dyachok, Solomiia Mandryk, Serhiy Huhlych
Pages 345 – 347

Recycled sewage sludge as part of organic-mineral fertilisers – a comprehensive solution to the use of local raw materials
Maryna Aksylenko, Vitaly Yevdokymenko, Tatiana Tkachenko, Dmytro Kamenskyh, Volodymyr Kashkovsky
Pages 348 – 349

Cleaning of exhaust gases with low content of sulfur (IV) oxide
Zenovii Znak, Andrii Helesh, Yaroslav Kalymon, Oksana Kurylets, Olha Zin
Pages 350 – 351

Wet integrated flue gas cleaning
Igor Volchyn, Vladyslav Rashchepkin, Andrii Yasynetskyi, Wlodziemierz Przybylski
Pages 352 – 357

Features of semi-dry ammonia desulfurization
Igor Volchyn, Sergii Mezin, Andrii Yasynetskyi, Wlodziemierz Przybylski
Pages 358 – 363

Estimation Method of Greenhouse Gases Emissions at Thermal Power Plants
Igor Volchyn, Liydmyla Haponych, Vitaliy Mokretskyy
Pages 364 – 371

Evaluation of environmental risk of manufacturing complexes
Tatyana Boiko, Iryna Dzhygyrey, Alla Abramova
Pages 372 – 379

Assessment of cyanobacteria biomass recourse potential in Ukrainian internal waters for environmentally friendly target production
Christina Soloviy, Myroslav Malovanyy, Tri Nguyen-Quang, Volodymyr Nykyforov
Pages 380 – 382

A simple Environmental-Friendly Method for Disposing Toxic Chemical Wastes
Olha Linievych, Elie Saade
Pages 383 – 384

The tandem long-term program 2012-2021 and some results on the rehabilitation of soil biology of intensively farmed agricultural land in Germany
Wolfgang Nowick
Pages 385 – 388

Polyacrylamide application for dewatering of clay slimes from halurgy plants by centrifugation
Roksoliana Bukliv, Kostiantyn Blazhivskyi, Fedevych Vitalii
Pages 389 – 389

Improvement of Technology of Bioenergetic Raw Material by Cavitational Homogenization of River Blue-Green Water Plants
Myroslav Malovanyy, Ivan Aftanaziv, Liliya Shevchuk, Iryna Koval, Orysia Strogan
Pages 390 – 391

Alternative methods for replacing propellants in the medical form “spray”
Iryna Diakon, Nataliya Stadnytska, Volodymyr Novikov
Pages 392 – 393

Preparation of bitumen using acidic tars
Yuriy Khlibyshyn, Iryna Pochapska, Oleg Grynyshyn, Oleh Hladkyi
Pages 394 – 396

Scorpionates: Coordination Chemistry Comes Home
Roman Kresinski, Seema S. Pillai, Peter J S Foot
Pages 397 – 400

Metal forms in bottom sediments as a bioavailability indicator
Malgorzata Wojtkowska
Pages 401 – 411

Modification of catalyst of the direct chlorination of ethylene into 1,2- dychloroethane
Mykola Shpariy, Volodymyr Starchevskyy, Volodymyr Reutskyy
Pages 412 – 413

Decreasing of the level of ecological pollution at processing of chloral-organic wastes of the production of 1,2-dychloro ethane
Mykola Shpariy, Volodymyr Starchevskyy
Pages 414 – 414