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4th International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: Proceedings. – June 26–29th, 2023, Lviv, Ukraine. – Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2023. – 275 p.

The Proceedings of 4th International Scientific Conference “Chemical Technology and Engineering” (CTE-2023):

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Computer simulation in the chemical technology and engineering

CFD-Modeling of Thermal Agent Flow Through a Layer of Barley Brewer’s Spent Grain
Roman Chyzhovych, Oleksandr Ivashchuk, Volodymyr Atamanyuk
Pages 31-37

Molecular Modeling of Electrical Conductive Polymer-Polymer Composites
Oleh Khamar, Volodymyr Dutka, Yaroslav Kovalskyi, Halyna Halechko
Pages 38-40

Theoretical basis of continuous drying of dispersed materials
Natalia Sorokova, Julia Kolchyk, Rodion Sorokovoi
Pages 41-44

Mathematical modeling of nanofiltration: the latest trends and developmental perpectives
Serhii Huliienko, Svitlana Muzyka
Pages 45-46

Condensation mehanisms of monomeric tin hydroxide molecules and formation of polymorphic stannic acids: a quantum chemical study
O. Filonenko, A. Grebenyuk, V. Lobanov
Pages 47-49

Theoretical analysis of steady-state biooxydation under limitation and inhibition by substrate
V. Poliakov
Pages 50-57

Theoretical Investigations of Metal Ion Complexes with Polymer Ligands Based on Glycidyl Ethers of 3,5,7,3’,4’-Pentahydroxyflavone
Anastasiia Dunaieva, Oleksii Vashchenko, Dmytro Mishurov, Alexander Roshal
Pages 58-61

Development, energy and resource saving in the chemical and food technologies

Chemical engineering as applied to medicine: the new challenges
Tomasz R. Sosnowski
Pages 63-64

Influence of vulcanizing systems on the properties of polymer composites based on grafted block copolymers and dispersed crumb rubber
Volodymyr Myshak, Vita Seminog
Pages 65-66

Preliminary purification of biogas from hydrogen sulfide in biomethane production
Andriy Slyuzar, Zenoviy Znak, Yaroslav Kalymon
Pages 67-68

Functional-Cost Analysis of Waste Mineral Oil Regeneration Methods
Bohdan Korchak, Andriy Nagurskyy, Vitalii Stadnik, Oleg Grynyshyn, Serhiy Pyshyev
Pages 69-70

Hydrodynamics of jet-pulsating mode of fluidization
Yaroslav Kornienko, Serhii Haidai
Pages 71-74

Kinetics of filtration drying of matches splint
Tetiana Kuzminchuk, Alina Denysiuk
Pages 75-76

The influence of the coordination properties of metals on the activity of binary catalysts for the oxidation of cyclohexane
Anatoliy Ludyn, Viktor Reutskyy, Volodymyr Reutskyy
Pages 77-79

Radiation treatment of biological origin materials
Dmytro Tregubov
Pages 80-82

Heat cost calculation of the process of zucchini fruits saturation with sucrose from an aqueous solution
Iryna Huzova, Volodymyr Atamanyuk
Pages 83-84

Acid-alkaline surface properties of powders: potentiometric research methods
Yuliya Danchenko, Halina Olijnyk, Mariia Rastorgueva
Pages 85-86

Kinetics of boric acid dissolution
Oleksandr Kuzyk, Yaroslav Humnytskyi
Pages 87-88

Some aspects determination of heat exchange characteristics during the flow of non-Newtonian fluids
Eduard Biletsky, Olena Petrenko
Pages 89-92

Managing textile waste as a prerequisite for implementing circular economy principles in Ukraine
Tetiana Ishchuk, Tetiana Ivanishena, Victoria Grekhova
Pages 93-95

Producing and Applying Ingredients from Secondary Raw Materials of Sunflower Oil Production in Elastomeric Compounds
Lina Sokolova, Oleksandra Panfilova, Valerii Ovcharov
Pages 96-97

Effect of Cavitation Processing on Nitrogen Dissolution in Sunflower Oil
Andriy Piskorovskyi, Volodymyr Starchevskyy, Ivan Aftanaziv, Yuriy Vashkurak, Volodymyr Reutskyy
Pages 98-100

The innovative and nanotechnologies in the chemical and food industries

A Comparative Study in Metalloorganic Structural Chemistry: the X-ray Crystal Structures of [HB{C3N2H-3,5-(CH3)2}3Zr(OC6H5)3] and [HB{C3N2H-3,5-(CH3)2}3Zr(OC6H4-2-F)3]
Roman A Kresiński, Dinh-Quoc Tran
Pages 102-105

Effect of the surface modification of HAp nanoparticles by oleic acid on the properties of HDPE nanocomposites containing thereof
Viktor Tokarev, Denis Kalin, Maxim Chobit, Maria Tokareva
Pages 106-118

Functionalization of Montmorillonite and Possibilities of Synthesizing a Urethane Oligomer on the Surface of Nanoparticles
Oleksii Gonchar, Yuri Savelyev
Pages 119-122

Fermentation of kvass wort by thermotolerant strains of microorganisms
Lesia Sandig-Predzymirska, Oksana Orobchuk, Liliya Shevchuk, Khrystyna Frys
Pages 123-126

Vibrocavitation purification of industrial wastewater from organic pollutants
Liliya Shevchuk, Oksana Orobchuk, Ivan Aftanaziv
Pages 127-128

Promising cobalt-containing magnesium aluminosilicate glass-ceramic materials for lasers on Yb-Er glass
Oleh Tur, Oksana Savvova, Oleksii Fesenko, Oleksandr Rusanov
Pages 129-131

Synthesis and properties of lignin-highly branched polymeric systems
Oleksandr Zaichenko, Kateryna Volianiuk, Nataliya Mitina, Khrystyna Harhay, Oleh Izhyk
Pages 132-135

Development of a fungicidal glaze for ceramic tiles resistant to biological corrosion
Yana Pokroieva, Oksana Savvova, Hennadii Voronov, Liudmyla Loban
Pages 136-138

Heat storage system based on copper-coates granules of polyethylene
Anastasiia Kucherenko, Ľudmila Dulebová, Marta Kuznetsova, Volodymyr Moravskyi
Pages 139-142

Research of compositions polymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate with polyvinylpyrrolidone in the presence of finely dispersed metal-containing fillers
Galyna Dudok, Natalia Semenyuk, Nataliia Chopyk, Volodymyr Skorokhoda
Pages 143-144

Particles size organization and effect of solution of humic acid with LaVO4:Eu3+ nanoparticles on seed germination
N.N. Kriklya (Kamneva), М. Popirny, K. Artemieva, V. Klochkov
Pages 145-146

Creation of cosmeceutical hydrogel mask with plant extract
Ya.I. Holubovska, R.O. Petrina, I.R. Buchkevych, M.S. Kurka
Pages 147-148

Suspension Oligomerization of the Hydrocarbon Fraction C9 Initiated by 2-[4-(Tert-butylperoxymethyl) Piperazinomethylperoxy]-2-methylpropane
Yevhenii Zhuravskyi, Roman Subtelnyi, Dariia Kichura, Bohdan Dzinyak
Pages 149-150

Polylactide composite films with silver nanoparticles in the structure
Volodymyr Skorokhoda, Natalia Semenyuk, Galyna Dudok
Pages 151-152

Thermomechanical and Thermophysical Properties of Polyamide-6 Based Nanocomposites
Natalia Chopyk, Victoria Zemke, Mykhaylo Bratychak
Pages 153-154

Se-driven microgel catalysts for interfacial oxidation reactions
Anastasia Pavliuk, Oliver Fiukowski, Tetiana Kharandiuk, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Roman Nebesnyi, Andrij Piсh
Pages 155-156

Optimization of biochemical processes and bioengineering

Nanoparticles modification for magnetic electrospun composites for tissue engineering
Anna Hlukhaniuk, Małgorzata Świętek, Vitalii Patsula, Beata Zasońska2 , Jiří Hodan, Antonín Brož, Marina Malić, Daniel Horák
Pages 158-162

Biocompatible scaffolds based on glass-ceramic materials for bone tissue engineering
Valeriia Bitiutska, Oksana Savvova, Oleksii Fesenko, Olena Babich, Daria Kozlo
Pages 163-166

Study on the applicability and precision of a new adaptation of optical mixing time measurement method in a ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor
Mateusz Bartczak, Maciej Pilarek
Pages 167-172

Green chemistry

4 years in the Łukasiewicz Research Network
Marcin Konkol, Katarzyna Tyśkiewicz, Magdalena Woźniakowska
Pages 174-177

Bio-based Hybrid Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane (NIPU)/Epoxy Foams
Nataliia Hudzenko, Liudmyla Gryshchuk
Pages 178-179

Production of Epoxidized Waste Cooking Oil for Road Bitumen
Ivan Danylevych, Yurii Hrynchuk, Volodymyr Starchevskyy, Volodymyr Reutskyy
Pages 180-181

Efficient Synthesis of Conjugated 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Derivatives under Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions
Barbara Wołek, Agnieszka Kudelko
Pages 182-184

Synthesis and Application of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants, Antibiotic Ofloxacin and Dye Methyl Orange, in Water
Oksana Makota, Inna Melnyk
Pages 185-186

Glycopolymers based on water soluble polysaccharide and blocked isocyanate
Nataly Kozak, Viktoriia Tretinichenko
Pages 187-188

Research methods used to control the plasticization and retrogradation process of starch
Magdalena Paluch, Justyna Ostrowska, Piotr Tyński, Waldemar Sadurski, Robert Bicki
Pages 189-195

N-hydroxyphthalimide and its derivatives for laccase-catalyzed oxidative degradation of Indigo Carmine
Olga Kushch, Iryna Hordieieva, Tetiana Hordieieva, Mykhailo Kompanets, Alexander Shendrik
Pages 196-199

Alternative and non-conventional energy sources

Increasing the energy efficiency of a rotor-pulsed cavitation heat generator using the electrohydraulic effect
Valeriy Nikolsky, Vadim Yaris, Andriy Palagnyuk
Pages 201-203

TGA and DTA of composite fuel and its components
Tetiana Korinchevska, Viacheslav Mykhailyk
Pages 204-208

Advance in Technologies of Aviation Scrap Tires Disposal and Recycling
Igor Kubersky, Anna Yakovlieva, Sergii Boichenko
Pages 209-211

Study of drying of solid peat residue and composite based on it
Zhanna Petrova, Yuliia Novikova, Anton Petrov
Pages 212-213

Ecology and sustainable development. Environmental protection

An assessment of synthesis and effeciveness of potassium ferrate(VI) as a green agent in the treatment of carwash wastewater
Maciej Thomas, Joanna Kuc, Teresa Stryszewska
Pages 215-217

Effective Protective Polymer Materials Stable to Destructive Factors
Ludmila Markovska, Natalia Parkhomenko, Olga Savelyeva, Ludmila Robota, Yuri Savelyev
Pages 218-220

Reclamation of technogenically damaged territories of a sulfur production enterprise using the method of stimulating microisogenesis in plants
Viktorija Oliferchuk, Mariia Samarska, Oleg Nagurskyy, Viktor Vasiichuk, Kateryna Vykhivska
Pages 221-223

Analysis of Parameter Sensitivity to Enhance the Detection of Leaks in Sealed Landfills
Marco Vocciante, Vincenzo Dovì
Pages 224-228

Polyethylene Packages and Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottles – a Source of Precursors for Chemical Syntheses
Tetiana Tkachenko, Dmytro Kamenskyh, Vitalii Yevdokymenko
Pages 229-233

Empirical cumulative function of distribution studies of the dynamics of state the gas medium in the fire heat sources occurrence
Boris Pospelov, Evgenіy Rybka, Ruslan Kornienko
Pages 234-238

Study of Сhanges in Acid-Alkaline Balance of Cooling Water Сirculating System of Power Plants during Water Treatment by Liming According to Stabilization Treatment Method
Pavlo Kuznietsov, Olga Biedunkova
Pages 239- 241

Investigation of the sorption properties of synthetic layered double hydroxides of variable composition for the protection of water bodies from organic and inorganic pollutants
Eleonora Butenko
Pages 242-244

Protection of steel by environmentally friendly anti-corrosion pigment
Mariia-Olena Danyliak, Ivan Zin, Myroslav Holovchuk, Sergiy Korniy
Pages 245-248

Containerized Plug & Play Sludge Dewatering Plants as a Energy and Cost-Effectivness Solution for Small and Middle WWTP`S
Andrii Shevchenko, Tamara Shevchenko
Pages 249-252

Adsorption Removal of Surfactants from Wastewater: A Review of Adsorbents and Mechanisms
Vira Sabadash, Jaroslav Gumnitsky, Oleh Konovalov
Pages 253-254

The impact of rocket attacks in the Lviv region on sustainable development and statistical forecasts of environmental consequences
Kateryna Petrushka, Ihor Petrushka
Pages 255-257

Technical alternatives for the reconstruction of the «Ternopilskyi» water intake of the «Ternopilvodokanal» Utility Company
Tetiana Pokshevnytska, Vitalina Lukianova, Konstantyn Smoliar, Andrii Pokshevnytskyi
Pages 258-261

Anti-corrosion protection of aluminum alloy by composition based on polysaccharide and sorbate
O.P.Khlopyk, I.M.Zin, M.B.Tymus, N.J. Sobodosh, S.A.Korniy
Pages 262-263