Open Peer Review Process

The Conference’s Proceedings are being accepted with the Open Science’s project, which aims to provide the open and transparent review of scientific materials in accordance with the principles of Open Peer Review.

After submitting the materials for participation in the Conference, the article is firstly evaluated by the conference Secretary for relevance to the Conference topics. After approval by the Secretary, the paper appears as a preprint on the open review website. Every specialist of the community of registered reviewers may participate in the Open Review process in accordance with the principles of Open Science.

The Secretary also sends additional invitations to potential reviewers if there are doubts about the availability of specialists in the field of submitted paper in the community of registered reviewers.

An article in the Conference Proceedings is published after at least two positive reviews. The review process is completed before the conference. The Conference Proceedings are usually published online on the day of the Conference start.

Please see the Open Peer Review process on the scheme below: