Template of an Abstract

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In order of effect high quality of 5th International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering – 2025» the authors are requested to follow instruction given in the sample paper. Organizing Committee recommends preparing papers in MS Word using the template style set.

Attention! The volume of papers should be filled to full pages (including figures and references). Please note, that minimum volume of the paper is 4 full pages, maximum number of authors of the paper are 5 persons.

The Conference materials will be published online in PDF. The proceedings have ISSN. Every article is being published online with DOI.

The Times New Roman 12pt font should be used for main text with line spacing 1,15. Paragraph indent should be 10 mm. The page margins and size are given:

Paper size А4: (210×297)
Inside margin: 15mm
Outside margin: 25mm
Top margin: 15mm
Bottom margin: 20mm
Column spacing: 5mm

Tables must have caption located above the table. Table captions should be written using 12pt font. The space between tables and text should be 6pt.

Title must be written using 14pt, bold, сenter. The spacing between title and authors line is 6pt. Author’s names (without affiliation) should be typed using 12pt font, center. Author’s affiliation (institution, address, e-mail) should be given using 10pt font, center. The speaker’s name should be underlined The spacing between authors names and affiliation line is 6pt.

In the beginning of the paper abstract and keywords should be given. Abstract should be about 50 words. Please, use 11pt bold italic font for an abstract and 11pt font for the keywords.

Paper text has to be divided in a number of sections. Section tiles should be typed using 12pt, bold, center. For numbering (if it is needed) use Roman number. The space between last section and next section title should be 6pt, between section title and section should be 6pt.

Equations should be centered and labelled. Organizing Committee recommends preparing equations in MS Equation or MathType. Larger equation must be split in multiple lines. The space between an equation and text should be 6pt.

All figures must be stored in *.tiff or *.jpg format with the minimum resolution of 300 dpi and sent in attachment together with the paper in one archive (.rar, .zip and .7z allowed). Each figure must have a caption under the figure. For figure captions 12pt, centered font should be used. The space between a figure and text should be 6pt.

When your refer to an equation, a figure, a table, a section or literature references in the text of the paper please use the following expressing: Eq. (1), Eqs. (1) and (2); Fig. 1, Figs. 1 and 2; Table 1, Tables 1 and 2; «Section», [1], [2] (for references).

Proper references formatting is essential for conference papers inclusion in the different bibliographic databases. Attention! References should be in English only and laid out according to APA style requirements, please use information from the websites:



For more information, please see the template of an abstract.