Обрано найкращі секційні доповіді

Відповідно до рішення головуючих на секціях було обрано найкращі секційні доповіді конференції CTE-2023:

Computer simulation in the chemical technology and engineering

Natalia Sorokova. Theoretical basis of continuous drying of dispersed materials

Development, energy and resource saving in the chemical and food technologies

Oleksandra Panfilova. Producing and Applying Ingredients from Secondary Raw Materials of Sunflower Oil Production in Elastomeric Compounds

The innovative technologies in the chemical and food industries

Anastasia Pavliuk. Se-Driven Microgel Catalysts for Interfacial Oxidation Reactions

Optimization of biochemical processes and bioengineering

Anna Hlukhaniuk. Nanoparticles modification for magnetic electrospun composites for tissue engineering

Green chemistry

Magdalena Paluch. Research methods used to control the plasticization and retrogradation process of starch

Alternative and non-conventional energy sources

Viacheslav Mykhailyk. TGA and DTA of composite fuel and its components

Ecology and sustainable development. Environmental protection

Maciej Thomas. An assessment of synthesis and effeciveness of potassium ferrate(VI) as a green agent in the treatment of carwash wastewater

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