The Registration Fee payment requisites have been published

The Registration Fee payment requisites have been published on the website:

We ask you to cover the conference fee till May 15, 2023.

We remind that the registration fee includes payment for participation in the conference, placement of abstracts in the conference proceedings and an extended version of abstracts in a collective monograph (optional), access to all conference events and materials, general organizational costs, participant certificate (for personal participation only, in PDF format).

The Conference materials will be published online in PDF. The proceedings will have ISSN. Every article will be published online with DOI. Also, based on the results of the conference, participants will be invited to submit extended versions of abstracts for publication of a collective monograph.

The publication of the materials is planned before the Conference. All costs associated with staying at the Conference (travel, accommodation etc.) paid by the participants at their own expense or at the expense of a sending party.

Papers will be implemented only after 100% fee payment. We remind about free participation in a distance mode for scientists from the institutions of Eastern Ukraine located in the territories affected by russian aggression.

Please note that now your conference paper is at Open Peer Review process. The conference’s proceedings are being accepted with the Open Science’s project Open Review Hub, which aims to provide the open and transparent review of scientific materials in accordance with the principles of Open Peer Review:

You may check out the current paper’s state on Please follow the reviewer’s recommendation if it is needed.

After 2 positive reviews your material will be accepted for publishing. Then you should pay the conference fee.

What to do if there’s still no 2 reviews? Don’t worry! We’re trying to find competent reviewers in the scientific community as soon as possible and we will extend the payment deadline. We ensure in the importance of your scientific results.

We also encourage you to join the reviewers’ team and help making science better:

Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference soon!