Sponsors & Partners: DrM, Dr. Mueller AG

Dear colleagues!

Let us introduce you the next our sponsor & partner – DrM, Dr. Mueller AG.

DrM, Dr. Mueller AG
Alte Landstrasse 415
8708 Maennedorf
+41 44 921 2121

The specialist for solid/liquid separation

DrM’s products enjoy a worldwide market in various industries in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel and food production. A flexible, active and powerful sales and service network throughout the world give valuable support to our customer base.

Our FUNDABAC® Filter family comprises a series of equipment specifically adapted for the process industries, with high demand on quality and productivity.

FUNDABAC® wet and dry discharge

The filtered solids are de-liquored and discharged by gas back pulse. As an alternative, the cake can be re-slurried in another liquid.

CONTIBAC® continuous thickening

This filter type allows continuous filtration without interruption of flow. The solids are flushed back into the liquid and discharged in slurry form.

STERIBAC® GMP Filter, enhanced version of the FUNDABAC® design to comply with the high production standards of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Surface finish and design of internals allow effective cleaning of all parts in contact with product.

Our key competence:

  • Filtration and heel volume filtration
  • Cake and spray washing
  • Cake drying
  • In-situ filter cleaning
  • Application know-how